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Premier's Debating Challenge

14 Aug 2019

Would you like to have to go to work if you were in Year 5? This was one of the topics our debating teams had to consider at their last debating gala day held last Thursday at Lismore Heights. Both teams participated in two debates (Rounds 3 and 4) of the Premier’s Debating Challenge for Years 5 and 6. The Persuaders first debated Lismore Heights Grey with the topic being ‘That kids in Year 5 and above should have to get a paid job for one afternoon a week’. They were the negative team. The stronger and more detailed arguments allowed them to win the debate. The Arguers first debate was against Lismore Heights Green with their topic being ‘That parents should pay their kids whenever they help out around the house’. They were the affirmative team and Georgina as third speaker with stronger rebuttals and reaffirmation of their arguments narrowly allowed the Arguers to win the debate. 

In their second debate, the Arguers debated Empire Vale with the topic being ‘That We should ban kids under 18 from buying junk food like lollies, chips and ice-cream’ and they were the affirmative team. With stronger arguments, the Arguers won the debate. In their second debate, the Persuaders debated Lismore Heights Green. The topic was ‘That Teachers should have to participate in all school sport and exercise classes just like students’ and they were the negative team and narrowly won.

Both teams are to be congratulated on their efforts (giving up many lunch times for training), improvements, teamwork and positive attitude.

ARGUERS: Logan, Max, Georgina and Emilie

PERSUADERS: Kiya, Caitlyn, Lucinda and Retrouvailles