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What we offer

Each school in NSW offers something slightly different depending on the community. Here's what we offer for you.

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WRPS offers a Stage 1 Choir for students in Years 1 and 2 and a Primary Choir for students in Years 3-6. The choir groups perform within the school and the wider community at local events. 


The WRPS Band provides an opportunity for those receiving instrumental lessons to hone their skills as part of a larger ensemble.


The Senior Dance Ensemble is open to Stage 3 girls and boys through an audition process each year. Dance is also offered through enrichment groups. 


Our school has two debating teams which participate in the Premier's Debating Challenge for Years 5 and 6. 

Enrichment groups

Enrichment groups give the students in Years 3-6 more time to study specific concepts with greater depth, breadth, and complexity, whilst also providing opportunities for students to pursue learning in their own areas of interest and strengths.

Excursions and visiting performances 

Excursions and visiting performances are planned regularly to complement classroom learning. You will be provided with information through the newsletter and permission notes from the organising teacher. If you would like your child to participate, a consent form must be returned before the student will be permitted to attend. If payment is required, this should be forwarded with the consent form. It is the school’s policy that students wear school uniform on excursions unless otherwise advised.

Instrumental lessons

Our Instrumental Program continues to grow. Instrumental lessons are made available to Stage 2 and 3 students on a range of instruments, individually and in small groups. 


Every class at Wyrallah Road Public School has a weekly classroom music lesson with a specialist music teacher in our dedicated music room. These lessons cover all aspects of the Music curriculum including singing, playing instruments, movement to music, musical notation and listening skills.


All children participate in a skill development program that encompasses many sports played within the community. A set period is allocated during the week for sport to be taught. Students in years 2-6 are to wear sports uniform at this time. Children are also involved in PSSA trials and carnivals as well as selected state knockout competitions. A Physical Education program, emphasising personal fitness development, operates as an integral part of all class programs.

String ensemble

Our String Ensemble is working to develop ensemble playing skills for our violin and cello students.

Student leadership

Along with the Student Representative Council, there are a number of opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills at WRPS. The pinnacle of these opportunities is in the position of school captain. Following a rigorous selection process, students and staff select two captains and two vice captains. The Captains are well supported by a student parliament, where student leaders take on ministerial roles and responsibilities to improve school life at WRPS. They also have access to specialist leadership training, empowering them to develop their skills. At WRPS, we are proud of the positive contributions our captains make both at school and in the wider community.


Wyrallah Road Public School has leading technology programs and facilities. Technology is a vital component of our curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 6. This is complemented by iPads, laptops, robotics, a computer lab and interactive whiteboards in all classrooms. A specialist teacher assists the students to develop and explore the world of information and technology. 


Ukulele is offered as part of our enrichment program. The ukulele groups perform at school events including assemblies and local community events.


All canteens in NSW public schools must meet certain requirements. These include providing more healthy food and drink options – to make the healthy choice an easy choice for students. Visit Healthy school canteens to learn more.

Our Canteen Manager may be contacted directly on 6621 3579.

Canteen menu

Canteen Menu


When students wear a school uniform, they feel included in our school community.

Students, teachers, parents and carers, as well as members of our local community helped develop our school uniform to make sure it:

  • meets the requirements of occupational health and safety, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation

  • includes items that are affordable, comfortable and made from easy-care and easy-wear fabrics

  • is appropriate for the full range of school activities

  • is suitable for all body shapes.

Learn more about the NSW Department of Education’s School Uniform Policy.

Hiring our facilities

You may apply to use our school’s facilities for appropriate purposes provided your hiring the facility does not interfere with our teaching and learning programs.

We assess each application on a case-by-case basis. Find out more at Using school facilities.

If you’re interested in hiring our facilities, contact us for details.