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The Music Room

Music Room Fun

All classes visit the music room weekly to engage in a range of activities.

Kindergarten and Year 1 spend a lot of time singing and moving to music. They cover a broad range of styles including folk, classical and popular music whilst learning the difference between their singing and speaking voices, how to keep a beat and clap a rhythm.

They love to go to ‘Arioso Land', where everything must be sung and not said. A trip on the magic carpet and visit to the Arioso Land Tastefully Tuneful Takeaway Shop is always a favourite activity.

We listen to song tales, stories that are sung rather than spoken, and play circle games that encourage everyone to move. We sing and listen to music from all over the world and sometimes we make up our own words to songs we learn.       

Stage 1 classes will continue to sing and play instruments. They will use tuned percussion instruments including xylophones and glockenspiels to investigate notation, pitch and ensemble skills. They will consider ways to notate music using shapes, colours, signs and symbols.

In Semester 2, Year 2 will be busy learning about the Instruments of the Orchestra. We are going on Safari with Violet and Uncle Ollie to learn about how the instruments work and sound. 

Stage 2 will be exploring movie music and how music can help to develop a character, set a mood or help understand a setting. They will also spend some time working on keyboards throughout the year.

Stage 3 will start the year investigating and playing the traditional Indonesian instrument the angklung.


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