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Semester 1 2019 Enrichment Groups

Creative Thinking

Students will learn how to think creatively by solving problems and identifying opportunities for new approaches to problems when conventional thinking has failed. Students will be encouraged to find fresh perspectives and come up with innovative solutions, so that they can formulate a plan to overcome obstacles and reach their goals. Activities may include games, questioning, drama, art, scientific exploration, Maths, English.


Local Environment Studies

Local Environmental Studies offers students the opportunity to explore and connect with their local environment through a series of indoor and outdoor activities. This interacting program covers topics that include biodiversity, awareness of local endangered and threatened species, fauna in the playground, flora in the playground, changes to the local environment/catchment, bush care, waste reduction and recycling.


How It Works!

Students will investigate and observe the inner workings of everyday machines to discover how they work and the materials, engineering and design principles utilised in their construction and application. This program aims to foster curiosity and teach a basic understanding of mechanical devices. 


Digital Publishing

Students will be extended in their communication skills and explore a range of digital publishing tools for their work. Students will investigate and learn to use a range of tools such as, blogging and QR Codes. Students will use iPads and laptops during this enrichment group. 


Visual Art

Students will learn about the foundational elements of art, as they investigate and appreciate significant artists from the past. Students will be investigating the styles and techniques used in the post-impressionist and fauvism art movements, through their own art-making experiences.



Students will scaffold their coding and computer programming skills by looking at EV3 technology. Students will design and build robots with the purpose of completing set challenges. The overarching goal is for the group to compete in the local Robo Jnr Cup.



Students will explore initial movement exploration leading to the acquisition of some preliminary gymnastics skills. Students will investigate and succeed in a wide variety of movement experiences and challenges, developing skill, demonstrating control and exploring the ways in which the body can move. Students will develop their jumping, balancing, rolling and twisting skills using the mini trampoline and a variety of gymnastic equipment.


Extension Sport

This group is suitable for those students who already have well-developed skills in the sporting arena and would like further practice to improve their chances of representing the school at PSSA team sports as well as zone and regional carnivals. Students may also look at functions of the human body in relation to physical activity such as the muscular and circulatory systems.



Students will work collaboratively with the teacher to choreograph a dance for a specific theme. Students will investigate how different techniques enhance the quality of dances and will embed these techniques within the dance they develop. Students will give each other feedback, in order to promote growth and learning in a safe environment.



Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of guitar playing. Students will learn about the parts of the guitar, guitar history, and how to read chord diagrams and tablature. Students will learn basic songs, tunes, and riffs and will look at various picking styles, including finger picking and how to use a plectrum. They will learn a variety of strum patterns to accompany group singing and will be encouraged to sing along as they play.



Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of playing the recorder. Students will learn the correct method of how to hold and blow the recorder and also the fingering for a range of notes. Students will work on their notation reading skills whilst playing simple songs, both individually and in a group



Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of ukulele. Students will learn about the parts of a ukulele, how to read chord diagrams and play basic chords. They will also learn a variety of strum patterns to accompany group singing and will be encouraged to sing along as they play. For students who have been playing ukulele previously they will learn to read ukulele tablature and play basic songs, tunes and riffs using this method. 


Concert Band

This group is suitable for those students who have been receiving instruction on their chosen concert band instrument for at least 12 months. Students who are part of the WRPS brass and woodwind instrumental program are required to participate in concert band. Students receiving tuition on concert band instruments outside of school (including drums and piano) are invited to participate. Students will work on developing their large ensemble skills, working together to prepare pieces for performance her at school and within the community.

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